Meet Us

Hello! Katherine and Mary here, two food obsessed artists living in Brooklyn, New York. We created Crafted Bowls in order to share the meals and art that we cook up together. So stay tuned and stay hungry!


About Us:Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.46.35 PM

Hi! I’m Mary and I am a Fine Artist born and raised in California. I love to cook and share gluten free, plant-based meals. I am obsessed with anything fresh and colorful, both in my studio and in the kitchen. When I’m out of the kitchen you can find me geeking out over the art and design of NYC 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.42.26 PM

Hello! I’m Katherine and I’m also from California! I am currently majoring Fashion Design at Pratt Institute. I have a passion for cooking and baking, particularly with vibrant fruits and vegetables. I enjoy combining the unexpected and cooking for others. Other hobbies include knitting, hot yoga, and visiting new coffee shops.



If you’d like to reach us, you can shoot us an email at We love love LOVE hearing from you all so don’t hesitate to connect.


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