Superfood Muesli

There is no quicker or easier cereal than muesli. Our cupboards are full of various jarred blends. As part of our Easy Oats series we are sharing some of our favorite ingredients!


For us, the secret to the perfect cereal is ginger. We add it to our muesli by roasting raw ginger with the oats before stirring in the other ingredients or by finely chopping up candied ginger. The tangy, chewy ginger gives our morning bowls an extra kick.

We are all about dried fruits. Our go-to’s are Apricot, Apple, Banana chips, coconut, pineapple, fig, dates and dried berries. You really can’t go wrong, especially when you pair your sweet and tangy goodies with the salty crunch of nuts. We never have our muesli without almonds and pistachios. Throw in some seeds for added texture and you’ve got ourself some homemade cereal. Jar it up, once its in your cupboard you would be amazed by how many uses muesli has– Throw it on top of your breakfast for an extra crunch. Grab a handful for a snack on the go. Use it as an extra ingredient when baking. Or even jar it up and make muesli your signature gift!

No matter how you use it, you can always count on muesli as an easy and affordable cereal that can elevate any bowl. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do 🙂




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